Tenancies, Land Management Arrangements & Succession Advice

If you are looking for advice in respect of managing your land, please contact one of our Chartered Surveyors. We will provide bespoke advice on the best land management arrangement for your specific circumstances which may be one of the following:

  • Farm Business Tenancy Agreement
  • Grazing and Mowing Licence agreement
  • Share or Contract Farming
  • We will work together with your solicitor and accountant if required to ensure that you enter into the most suitable agreement for you.
  • We also aid in resolving issues between Landlord and Tenant be it Residential, Commercial or Agricultural tenancies. This includes serving notices, collection of rent arrears, advice in eviction cases, conducting rent reviews and acting on behalf of Tenants in matters that have been taken to Arbitration and dealing with succession applications.
farm building with field near a road